Thursday, October 24, 2013


1. Fill besan flour n rice flour in polythene covers n refrigerate those..Shelf life will be long..

2.If your fridge is smelling bad,roll news papers like a ball and keep them in the  first n last rows of inside the fridge.

3.Dry the mint leaves under sun shade n after that grind them into powder.You can use it in curries or gravies for mint flavour..

4.Keep a small hing/asafoetida piece in chilli powder box/bottle.This keeps the hot  flavour of chilli for  a long time.

5.Grind mixy jars with crystal salt.this makes blades sharp..

6.Soak feeding milk bottles of kids in hot water for some time.Before that add little bit baking soda in the water..

7.If your suffering with cold n cough then try this..With a betel leaf take a pinch of black peper powder and honey.and chew may feel better..

8.To get good n perfect popcorn keep the corns in fridge for some time before frying.

9.Keep separate potatoes and onions always...Other wise potatoes will raise sprouts(molakalu).

10.Sprinkle some pepper powder to get rid of rats in the home/any  other place.

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