1.To the 3tspn of apple paste add 1tsp of honey.mix it well.apply on the face.after 15mints clean it.

2.apply some  fresh tomato paste to the face.after 10-15 minutes clean it.
3.add milk in honey and use like face pack.
4.add badam oil little bit to the egg white.and use it like a facepack.
5.soak potato pcs  in  water for 15-20 mints.apply that water on the face,hands then clean with fresh water.. the apple paste add few spoons of honey and apply to the face..keep it for 15 mns then wash... the lemon juice add some honey or sugar and use like face pack..

8.apply some honey to face n hands.after some time clean it with cool water.. the egg white add in honey and apply to face,neck and hands...after few minutes wash it..

10.for oily skin-Add lemon juice to milk..using cotton apply this to face,hands and wash after some time.

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