Thursday, October 24, 2013


1.This is for dry skin people...Break n beat  egg  and apply to face thrice times by giving 15 mns gap after each..Leave under the EYES..

2.If your HAIR looks very dull  or dry beat  2/3 eggs and apply to hair...After 15-20 mins wash well.This avoids splitting the hair..

3.Apply HONEY to body before bathing..After 15 mins of gap take a bath..After few attempts you can observe that skin looks soft..

4.If your skin looks very dry then try this..To 2tsps of  honey add in 2 tsps of soya flour n 2 tsps of coconut milk..Apply this to skin n after 10-15 mins by rubbing remove all n wash with water..

5.Mix 4 tsps of honey,1 egg white to the 1/2-1 cup of coconut milk.Apply this to hair n after 30 mns wash the hair.This makes ur hair silky....

6. Dip cotton in coconut milk then apply to face minimum 3 times for every 10 mins.It`s a quick remedy to get glow in face.

7.If your eyes looks dull with black circles-Keep potato slice on closed eyes daily for at least 5 mins..After 15-20 days you can observe the difference.

8.Refrigerate the boiled milk for some time.Then dip the cotton balls in  that chilled milk and keep those on closed eyes for 10 mins...This one also reduce the dark circles n strain.

9.Cut the tomato into half and dip it in sugar..Now in the circular motion rub it on the face for at least 10 mins n after that wash it n apply some moisturizer.

10.  To get rid of dark circles do massage with milk cream( pala meegada) or with vitamin E Cream at least 2-3 mins for every two days..

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