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Easy cakes with store bought mix/Easy healthy cakes with store bought mix/Tips to make healthy cakes with store bought mix/cake mix recipes

Today Iam sharing useful tips which helps you all in regular baking....If you are a regular user of store bought cake mix,then read this post for more details and tips.Do you love cakes??are you lazy to bake??Then this post is absolutely suits to you...If you are busy person who don`t have much to bake a cake or if you are a very big lazy person who don`t likes mixing,stirring ingredients, or if you are in a mood to eat a big sweet cake slice then this post helps you allot..My two kids are big chocolate cake lovers especially 4 years old mahadev strictly orders me to bake chocolate cake at least once in a week..Only for him,I decided to buy store bought cake mix packets to bake every week.I usually gives cake slice in his snack box with chocolate juice and biscuits...If you are familiar to this store bought ix packets you can see instructions on the back side of packet which they give..The packets which I bought need 3 eggs,3/4 cup of milk and 2-3 tbsp f butter..In initial days  baked as usual by following instructions.but after  thinking well,decided to make it little bit healthy cakes..First I experimented by adding a cup of ground beet root+1/4 cup of extra milk puree and baked it..It came out well and beet root not all dominated the chocolate taste..He did n`t notified the taste and then i decided to follow it regularly..This is another  cake  which i created with store bought mix..This time i folded avocado pulp instead of beet root.but this time mahadev notified the  taste and i caught up..heheheheh.

well.what i want to say is,You can try this if you are user of store bought mix packets like me..Each store bought packet is different in instructions but after 1 or 2 experiments you may came to know that result...I usually adds ground pulps of beet root,carrot,avocado..thinking to add some bananas this time, will share the result about that also..With vanilla cake mix also you can create different cakes.For example here i prepared fruit cake..Chopped all the dry fruits and nuts and soaked them on orange juice.Then according to packet instructions mixed the other ingredients and baked for 50 minutes.This is like an instant fruit juice balances the liquid consistency in cake batter and mine came out good..Try this next time by mixing any of your desired fruits or vegetables like this bake..Enjoy..

You need

vanilla or chocolate cake mix.
beet root or carrot or avocado pulp-1 cup
any nuts of your choice

I also baked cup cakes with store bought mix


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